The St James Bar X The House of Creed

We are delighted to announce an exciting new collaboration with The St James Bar X The House of Creed launching Friday 5th November 2021.

In association with Lee Caulfield, this collaborative cocktail menu is a sensational addition to the “Imagination” menu, which will feature three carefully crafted signature cocktails inspired by the iconic Creed fragrances; Aventus, Silver Mountain Water and Green Irish Tweed.

The development of each cocktail has been created by one of our dedicated mixologists, using innovative experimental techniques to formulate a bespoke menu that brings the scent of the fragrances to life.

“Legacy”, crafted with the iconic sensual notes of Creed’s Aventus, is the perfect homage to the fragrance with its distinctive notes of jasmine, cedarwood and lemon resulting in a luscious fruity but dry, citrus combination with a Tanqueray 10 base.

“Alpine Silver”, influenced by Silver Mountain Water, is a refreshing cocktail which takes inspiration from the juicy citrus head notes of the fragrance; a mixture of white chocolate infused with green tea and is a visual delight.

“Lucky Tweed”, inspired by the classically masculine Green Irish Tweed, cocktail pays tribute to Creed’s equestrian tailoring past with its oaky citrus aroma but plays to the delicate side of the fragrance with gentle notes of lavender and bergamot.

Within the Creed boutique a private consultation can be arranged pre or post their visit to The House of Creed x Sofitel St James collaboration.

Situated on the corner of Pall Mall and Waterloo Place, St James Bar is tucked into the depths of Sofitel London St James Hotel. Curved plush velvet seating in opulent jewel shades compliments the brass accents, while a striking marble topped bar with colourful rows of bottled handmade tinctures, bitters and liqueurs is the room’s centerpiece.

Head of Marketing at Creed, Denise Cheng, says: “There’s no denying that your sense of smell and taste are intrinsically linked. Developing a range of curated cocktails that embody Creed’s signature fragrances is an exciting way to discover the scents in an immersive experience that ignites all the senses.”