Flower Exhibition at Sofitel London St James

As part of our commitment to offer guests a unique discovery of French luxury and the art world, we are excited to host the couture Flower Exhibition, which celebrates ten talented couturiers of the French Federation of Tailor-Made Couture Creation.


Jérôme Blin – Sophie Castagnetti – Nataliya Depoux - Mirna El-Hage – Sylvie Kameni – LetzMartin – Isaac Pantaléon – Ali Thompson – Anmary Teofil Dussac – Jenny Sacerdote

The new exhibition showcases the exceptional Ruffo Coli weavings in a sumptuous collection of dresses. The abundance of floral prints, fresh and vibrant colours, and myriads of flowers inspired the exhibitions name ‘Flower Show’, and invites guests to celebrate Spring time.